NOAA Murders Baby Whale – Policy Overrides Common Sense

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whale stranded near long island

Your child is sick, lethargic, and too young to speak. So you euthanize it, right? Of course you don’t. It’s simple common sense. But common sense gives way to bureaucracy as was the case when a baby whale was stranded on a sandbar just off of Long Island. Local agencies and volunteers were at the ready with equipment and other … Read More

RFA Anticipates Positive Change Under President Trump’s Leadership

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New Gretna, NJ, – When the news broke this morning that Donald J. Trump had been elected to serve as the 45 th president of the United States, the Recreational Fishing Alliance’s Executive Director Jim Donofrio couldn’t have been more pleased. “The RFA was the only sport fishing organization in the country that supported and publically endorsed Mr. Trump right from … Read More

RFA Response to Trump Victory

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Thank you to all of the RFA members who voted for Donald Trump to be our 45th president. We understand that there were members that felt that we shouldn’t endorse a candidate and didn’t agree with our choice. The fact is that, much like the NRA does with second amendment issues, we look at which candidates we will be able … Read More